Chasin rainbow, maart 2016

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Roaring down the motorway
cast away in a Chevrolet
burning painful history
I let it be and now I’m free

Home is not my place to stay
Took ­me­ long­enough to get away
Horizon shines with tempting light
Swallowed­up by a crimson night
‘scaping the drag of an awful grind
becoming a man of a different kind, o yeah, o yeah

Time went by, I settled down
but the tramp in me just stayed around
and once­more I am breaking free
from boredom and monotony

I’m heading for the greener grass
for a bit of fun and a willing lass
running away from rules again
a restless bum without a plan
The road’s my home, my sanctuary
Wanna move along and wanna be free, o yeah, o yeah

Now that I am old and grey
no longer fit to flee away
My mind, at last, has come to rest
The final verdict: home is best

Insight due to my old age:
World looking like a wannabee stage

Best things here on earth are free
like love and hope and fantasy
that chasing rainbows endlessly
never gave real joy and happiness to me